We Are The Young Kings And Queens

Our organization strives to provide youth with a wide range of experiences that expand their view of the world and a strong support system filled with positive individuals who believe in them and our future of the community.


We achieve our mission by:
  • Providing informational sessions that empower youth.
  • Participating in events within the community and abroad that expose the youth to new cultural experiences and create broader understanding.
  • Promoting positive behavior, educational development and community involvement.

We Encourage Leadership & Growth

We see adolescence as a significant transition period and a unique window of opportunity and growth to shape the healthy and successful development of our future generations that will lead this world. We address the specific and diverse needs of young people, ensuring they have access to the information, resources and support they need to learn, prosper, and become successful young adults.

By creating a supportive and equitable environment where young people can exercise their skills, knowledge and leadership, they are able to step into new roles/experiences and lead the learning themselves.


Imani Kelly

Executive Director

I am currently in still in school at KVCC getting my associate’s and plan on transferring and studying social work within the next year and a half or so. Some of my hobbies include spending all the time I can with my family and binge-watching whatever is hot on streaming sites or comfort shows of mine like Shameless, Law and Order SVU and my favorite movie franchise Shrek. I love working with YKQ because it is a family-oriented organization and very close-knit. I also love working with the youth of Kalamazoo and being the change that Kalamazoo needs especially since this is where I grew up.

Destiny Clark

Administrative Assistant

Greetings! My name is Destiny, but you can call me Des. I am currently a student at Western Michigan University with a double major in Spanish and Sociology. I enjoy speaking Spanish, and helping others out, especially those in their adolescent years. I completed Young kings and queens fully, and graduated from highschool in June of 2022. I am a Kalamazoo native, and my hobbies are traveling, advocating, shopping, exercising, and did I already say traveling? I love being a guide to those younger than me, mainly because I can teach them from the mistakes that I made as a teen. I am very eager to meet you!

Marcus Johnson


Benton Harbor MI native. Community/Youth Developer

R’Shaun Palmer

Program Coordinator

I am currently the Program Coordinator and Graphic Designer for YKQ! I recently graduated from KVCC with an associates degree, and I plan on using the knowledge I learned in school to create and expand my own businesses. I recently started a clothing brand and also plan on taking that to the next level as well. I enjoy listening to music, spending time with family and close friends. Some of my favorite music artists are Drake, Rod wave, and LUCKI.

Takisha Johnson

Founder | CFO

I am the founder of Young Kings and Queens Inc. This organization started because of my son and his friends who expressed they needed a safe space to learn more about life and things not taught in school. Using my education in Psychology and an empowerment plan developed for my coaching program, YKQ emerged and has grown greatly over the years. When my husband and cp-founder Marcus Johnson brought in the community giving and fundraiser events along with our boxing program our foundation was complete. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve youth in a way that promotes their voice.