We Are Here To Help

Actions speak louder than words and our youth require action. Be the person in a youth’s life that appreciates their voice and supports them using it. This is what we do and what we strive for.
Our programs and opportunities are designed to empower youth and give them the chance to grow, engage, and excel and what they truly want to do in life. We want to empower minority youth to live beyond the scope of societal norms through exposure to broader experiences and education.
  • Annual Events & Fundraisers

    The Masquerade Ball, Back 2 School Jam, R.O.Y.A.L. Summer Program, and Blessings of Hope for the Holidays.

  • Life Skill Training

    Informational classes* workshops, and tours to help teach and empower our teens.

  • Free Programs

    Programs that teach teens everything from hair, cooking, budgeting, boxing, and more.

  • College Tours

    We give our teens the opportunity to group tour colleges to learn, support, and work towards a brighter future!

  • Community Involvement

    We volunteer our groups time at various events to help teens learn about planning, coordinating, and helping others.